Child Cotton Vest & Nylon Vest

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2 Assist Nylon Vest

  • Help to Protect Surgical Dressings
  • Inner Front Pocket (to hold chest/abdominal drains)
  • For Shower and Bathing Use
        (For: Partial upper and lower body bathing;
        Other personal hygiene needs; AND
        SHOWER - AFTER sutures are removed and "As    Advised" by Doctor/Surgeon

    **Patient Is Responsible to Read And Follow Vests Instructions


    2 Assist Cotton Vest

  • Cotton Blend - Soft and Comfortable

  • Generous Inner Front Lower Waist Level Pockets Capable of holding multiple post-surgical drain containers per pocket

  • Breast Pockets for Soft Poly-fill Prosthesis-forms

  • For day wear under clothes and night rest-with surgical     drains

  • "Tube Tab" for excess length of Drain Tubing

  • (To help conceal/hold excess drain tubing)
  • Garment Provides Overall Convenience for daily wear

  • Gentle/Cold Wash; Low Heat Tumble Dry

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