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Welcome to 2Assist

2 Assist and The Drain Assist Vests were originated by a 2 time breast cancer survivor. Her first mastectomy was done over 20 years ago; But it was after her second mastectomy in 2004 that inspired her to design what has become our “Drain Assist Vests” product line.

“Drain Assist Vests” actually started while she was recovering - post-mastectomy. She conceived her first design concept of the Drain Assist Bathing Vest – purposed to help patients with chest and abdominal drain containers (and tubing) resume their daily personal hygiene routines immediately after surgery, And for later post-surgical bathing & showering (per Surgeon/Physician directives).

As an RN of over 40 years, she has been called upon to assist patients of diverse medical needs, including the dealing with chest and abdominal medical devices immediately after surgery. Personally, she has also dealt with concerns and physical challenges of dealing with post-surgical devices and directives from her own Physicians. Her second mastectomy was complicated by a post-operative infection, which required her to have her mastectomy drain remain intact for an additional 2 ˝ weeks.

After her full recovery, she decided to form a small business and named it 2 Assist, Inc. She later pursued and attained a US Patent for our “Drain Assist Bathing Vest”. From there, 2 Assist, Inc. had expanded our main design to provide vest versions in Cotton/Poly blend specifically for post-mastectomy patients (our 2A02FB Vests) and in Unisex style (our 2A02 Vests) for patients of diverse chest and abdominal surgeries & medical treatments.

• Both styles are designed for holding post-surgical and other medical devices (i.e. medication pumps)– for day wear under clothes And as convenient tops for sleepwear. We have devoted over a year of consultation with Surgeons, Physicians and Nurses during the designing and revising of our Vest styles.

With her 20+ years of Family Phone Advice Nursing, she knew that our children (and parents) would benefit from Pediatric Vests made available for their bathing and daily/night time needs. So she modified our Unisex 2A02 Day/Night Wear Vests and 2A01 Bathing Vests into Pediatric sizes.

• Pediatric/Toddler Bathing Vests (2A01 P/T) are constructed with the same patented Drain Assist Vest inner waist level pockets & pocket support tabs as our Adult Vests.Child and Pre-teen 2A02 Vest sizes include tube tabs.

Drain Assist Vests can be used by patients of various surgeries including, but not excluded to: Mastectomies; Breast Augmentation; Breast Reconstruction; some other Chest Surgeries & Abdominal Surgeries.

She designed the Adult Drain Assist Vests to be made with generous sized left and right sided waist level pockets capable to hold most commonly used post-surgical drain containers – including pain/medication pumps – up to 100 ml/cc capacity And other “physician-approved” medical devices.

Drain Assist Bathing Vests” (in Adult and Pediatric sizes) are:
• Made of water resistant material and specifically designed for covering over chest and abdominal post-surgical dressings so patients can conduct daily personal hygiene – including basin bathing – while keeping dressings dry.

• Inner waist-level front vest pockets have pocket support tabs and soft inner closures to help assure the pockets hold and provide proper placement of patient’s medical containers and devices. Pockets also frees up hands for personal hygiene and basin bathing needs

• “Drain Assist Bathing Vests” Can be used in the shower (after sutures are removed) per “Directives by Physician/ Surgeon* Adult and Pediatric vests vary in specification for appropriate wear.

Adult Cotton-Blend (Post-Surgery Transitional) Vests for Day and Night Wear: • Both designs have additional Breast/Chest level pockets for post-mastectomy and other chest oriented medical use. (2A02FB Breast level pockets are designed for Soft Poly-fill forms. See our “Drain Assist Breast Prosthesis” line.)

• Both our 2A02-Unisex and 2A02FB Post-Mastectomy Vest styles resume the concept of inner waist level front pockets to hold and assist proper placement of patients’ medical devices

• Both Day/Nightwear Vests also provide inner vest tabs uniquely designed and positioned for holding excess tubing that is typically distributed with post-surgical and medical devices.

• Day/Night Wear (Post-Surgery Transitional) Vests designs are specifically focused to help alleviate the common practices of pinning surgical drain containers to patient’s clothes And use of medical tape on sensitive skin.

Our Drain Assist Vest Inventor experienced many personal challenges in her post-mastectomy recovery with her own mastectomy drains including the normal simple tasks of bathing and sleeping. This inspired her to resort in creative concepts: from using plastic bags to cover her surgical dressings; holding the containers in her hands during various personal needs- and even resorted to securing the drain container with yarn to a support shower handle when she was instructed with post-surgical showering (sutures were removed by that point- but the skin still very sensitive); During the day and night she pinned the drain containers to her clothes. Each and all efforts were frustrating in their own right...And most important – taxing on her focus to heal! Drain Assist Vest Product Line is continuing to expand with innovative options to provide solutions for assisting and easing patients in their daily living during the constricting time of managing surgical drains, medication pumps and other medical devices. Our garments are created to provide convenience and comfort for all patients– Adult and Pediatric. May your healing and comfort be assisted by use of the Drain Assist Vests!

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